Wheel loader

The products: Rugged, standard-setting, efficient.

PFREUNDT weighing systems are intuitive and easy to operate, enabling the driver to concentrate on loading operations - for greater efficiency and safety.

These rugged systems are designed for reliable and precise operation in harsh environments in continuous duty.

The weighing electronics are identical for all wheel loader types in the fleet, so that drivers do not need to change or adapt to any new system.

The modular system design also enables easy upgrading and retrofitting. The weighing unit is designed to grow with individual company requirements. PFREUNDT weighing systems can easily be converted to other vehicle makes and types - the complete scale can be used and easily installed with the appropriate installation kit.

A system that enables you to respond flexibly to the requirements of industry.


Advantage through PFREUNDT.

Simple 1-2-3 design:
Installed in just one day!

Double proximity switch for dynamic weighing in motion

Special patented cable protection prevents damage to cables and dispenses with expensive idle and downtimes.

Oil pressure sensor with overload protection, integrated temperature control and special protective tube system. The unique weighing system with patented sensors is approved by the Office of Weights and Measures for working without time-consuming idle strokes.

Safe and convenient:
The weighing electronics - the heart of PFREUNDT weighing systems - are always in view.

This compact unit is designed not to hinder the free view of the driver. The printer arranged directly at the electronics saves further space.


Tailor-made for easy weight control

The WK 50-XS is the reasonably priced loading control for weighing goods in the sector of non-approved applications. This weighing system can be used for optimal loading. You avoid overloading or unused capacity - saving excess journeys and money and optimizing your working procedures.

Basic: WK 50-S

The low-cost starter model for approved weighing.

Modern weighing electronics for approved weighing with weighing ticket printout and master data memory.

Upgradable to the WK 50 by simply changing the electronics.

Standard: WK 50

The approved scale - all features in one unit.

The WK 50 weighing electronics are designed for easy and efficient on-the-spot weighing. The WK 50 features an extensive master data memory and interfaces for the exchange of weighing and master data with your control center. Data exchange can take place per GSM, radio or via memo box - this makes the WK 50 an ideal solution for directly processing weighing data in your computer system.

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