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Paver joint filling
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Only a completely filled joint is able to transmit forces frome one paving stone to another and prevent the paving stones from being displaced, thus keeping the pavement elastic.The process of grouting a freshly laid area of pavement:

· Distribution of paver joint material
· Filling of paver joints
· Surface cleaning

is solved using Optimas technology, saving time and money.

Sand spreading shovel

The Optimas spreader shovels have been devised to provide the extremely even distribution of various raw materials such as sand, chippings and earth on the sub-grade.

These devices are predominantly found in situations calling for the exact spreading of material for preparing the final layer of sub-grade and of joint material on freshly paved surfaces. In addition to the travel speed and variable oil pressure, the amount of material per unit area can also be adapted to the material in the spreader shovel by presetting the quantity throughput directly on the spreader shovel.

Used in combination with a universal adapter the spreader shovel can be attached to an extremely broad range of wheeled loaders.

Working width:2 m
Capacity of shovel:1m³
Weight:380 kg

Paver joint filling device for Paver laying machine

The Optimas paving joint filler for attachment to the Paver laying machine has been optimised for working in joint filling material in paving joints on medium and large-scale paving surfaces.

The paving joint filler can be attached in two minutes to the Paver laying machine by means of socket pins without the need for any tools. Height guidance of the paving joint filler is provided by simply hanging it in the paver arm. The high degree of manoeuvrability of the Paver laying machine means that filling material can be fed precisely into the paving joints even on curves and at edges.

The material can be introduced dry or optionally with water as it is often the case that optimum results with the filling material are attained by forming a slurry with the water, Optimas offers as an additional feature a water container (1000l) on a trailer basis which supplies the brush units.

The overlapping and rotating brush heads ensure that the paving joints are completely filled longitudinally and laterally with joint filler of various grain sizes.

Working width:1,70 m
Height:0,55 m
Weight:110 kg
Option:water container (1000 l) with hose

Joint filling device for wheel-loader

The Optimas joint filler concept for attachment to wheeled loaders is tailored to those ubiquitous construction site situations. As a rule virtually every construction site possesses a wheeled loader with pallet forks for transport tasks (paving stone pallets, transport of small machines etc.). The Optimas joint filler can be simply picked up using the pallet fork, the hydraulic connections made and work can already be got underway.

In principle the device can be used both dry as well as with metered water feed (water reservoir 1000ltr and hose feed optional) depending on the joint material. The rotating and overlapping brush heads ensure that the paving joints are completely filled longitudinally and laterally with filling material of various grain sizes. The broad working width of 2.20 m achieves a high rate of surface coverage.

The ability of the paving joint filler to be quickly attached and removed means that the wheeled loader always remains flexible and can be used for other tasks on the building site when there is a break in filling work.

Working width:2,20 m
Brushes (surface):2,40m²
Weight:360 kg
Performance:400m² - 600m² per hour
Sonstigeswater container 1000l as an option

Joint filling device for wheel-loader

Only a completely filled joint transfers forces from stone to stone, prevents the stones from displacing and preserves the elasticity of the paving layer.

In order to keep the paving surface at its best over the long term, it is imperative that the paving joints have been completely filled with joint filler. The Optimas paving joint filler “Mini” is ideal for medium to small surfaces. Its two overlapping brush units perform a rotating motion which sweeps the material evenly both into the longitudinal as well as in the lateral joints.

Depending on the joint filler being used it is often the case that optimum filling results are achieved by also supplying water, as the water leads to the joint filler mixture filling the joints more uniformly.

Motor:Honda GXV160 H2 (4,0 kw at 3600 rpm)
Working width:107 cm
Weight:68 kg
Water supply:optional
SonstigesTransport position

Site cleaning - Optimas rotating brush

The Optimas – roller brush is another attachment fitted with hydraulic drive for the Optimas Paver laying machine. The roller brush is locked into position at the front of the Paver laying machine using socket pins and is hung in the arm for height guidance.

The various mechanically angled positions possible mean that the sweeping off of a paved surface, particularly also in curves and at walls, can be carried out with great precision. If required the swept up material can also be gathered in a collector (optional) at the same time.

Working width:1,80 m
Weight:140 kg
Optional:water container (1000 l) with hose

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