Kerb laying
Paver joint filling
Paving tools

Optimas paving tools guarantee efficient and ergonomic operations

The Optimas Stone Cutter has a lockable movable base that ensures precise laying by diagonal cut.

Weight41 kg
Stone height0 - 12 cm
Stone length0 -33 cm
Specificationsrevolving spare bar knife
The Optimas Extractor "Simplex" can be ajusted to all paver sizes between 18 - 28 cm.

Weight5 kg
Specificationsexchangable spring steel knives

The Optimas Paver Pusher is made for moving layers & lines of paving stones in the right position.

Working in an upright position makes this tool very ergonomic for daily use.

Weight 2 kg
Specificationsexchangable spring steel knives

Transport device for vertical packed stone layer.

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions175 cm x 125 cm x 65 cm
Width of stone layers53 - 92 cm
Optional with extensions up to 124 cm

The Optimas Hammer is used for adjusting layers & lines of paving stones to the right position

Weight3 kg
Length80 cm
Specificationsexchangeable rubber

The Optimas Hammer (short handle) is mainly used for adjusting works while placing curbstones.

Weight 2,4 kg
Length40 cm
Specificationsexchangeable rubber

The Paver Clamp ensures easy transportation of a small row of different paving stones

Option: Adapter for laying slabs

Weight1,3 kg
Width0 - 50 cm
Specificationsadjustable, for bricks and pavers

Weight6,7 kg

The Optimas Plough is used for preparing an even subbase of concrete for placing curbstones.

Weight12 kg

The designs of the two Optimas mechanical curbstone tongs permits the precise laying of variously sized curbstones. These are mainly to be found on relatively small or very inaccessible building sites.

The laterally gripping curbstone tong is used for most purposes as it can be employed to accurately lay one curbstone next to another along a staked out line. The transverse gripping variant is recommended if the size or length of the curbstone is constantly changing as this tong can be employed irrespective of the dimensions of the stones.

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